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Veelgestelde vragen Scarlet-S2017-05-14T13:18:20+02:00
Wat zijn de mogelijkheden van een Scarlet-s2017-04-10T16:19:37+02:00

Volumetric Tightening

–       Unique effect from direct heating RF, with invasive micro electrodes

True Fractional RF

–       Focused on strong RF energy to maximize RF effect

Fractional Laser + Deep Dermal RF Effect

–       Target both epidermis (Fractional Laser target field) and deep dermis (RF target field), control depth 0.5-3.5mm with 0.1mm increment

Less Pain, Less Downtime, No Side Effect

–       Sophisticated control by using Shock Free Needle Technology to deliver effective results with minimal downtime

Kunnen er complicaties optreden?2017-04-10T16:18:22+02:00

It secures safe RF energy field so it does not have any kind of complication

Hoe lang is de hersteltijd?2017-04-10T16:17:30+02:00

Scarlet treatment needs minimal Downtime which is about 1 day with normal skin type

Hoe lang duurt de procedure?2017-04-10T16:20:13+02:00

Treatment time is about 30-50 minutes

Na hoeveel weken kan de behandeling herhaald worden?2017-04-10T16:20:54+02:00

It depends on patient but mostly with 2-3 session they can have the best result and interval of treatment is one month

Is de procedure pijnlijk?2017-04-10T16:21:16+02:00

There is minimal pain as it uses not spring to move electrodes but micro robot motor, a technology named Dynamic Linear Motor Technology, for smooth movement

Wat zijn de voordelen van de Scarlet-s Rf behandeling?2017-04-10T16:21:39+02:00
  1. Treatment areas can be used beyond hair lines and ears, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Less Downtime, can back to normal activities after 2 hours after treatment. (Actual downtime may differs from different body condition)
  3. During the treatment, a temporary lift might be visible due to the reaction by the RF wave. After the regeneration of collagen and elastic tissues under skin, a more long lasting and compact lifting effect can be seen.
Welke zones kunnen er behandeld worden?2017-04-10T16:21:52+02:00
  1. Improve droopy eyelid and smoothen fine lines around the eye area
  2. Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Face Lifting
Waarom 55°C~60°C?2017-04-10T16:22:10+02:00

Can stimulate the regeneration of collagen, but without the risk of altering the cell structure
1. Early Stage: Fibrous tissue contraction and shrink pores can be seen.
2. Later Stage: After 2-3 weeks, can significantly see the regeneration of collagen, and the restore of skin elasticity.
3. Protein and collagen within the skin tissue did not altered or degenerated.

Wat is Scarlet-S RF?2017-04-10T16:13:36+02:00



Scarlet is minimal invasive fractional bi-polar Radio Frequency with micro-needle electrodes. It provides direct heat with both epidermis and dermis through precise depth control from 0.5-3.5mm.  Its efficient fractional radio frequency enables capability of achieving fractional and continuous treatment patterns.  It expends your practice by offering efficacious minimal risk of downtime and pain regardless of skin type.


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